Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Decorators, Python Black Magic and the Residue of Past Programming

While trying to figure out decorators I ran across a really cool presentation called Python Black Magic (or how I learned to stop writing Java in Python). I understand this, since much of the Python I've written over the years, was even worse -- I was writing Perl in Python. For the longest time Python OO conventions seemed strange compared to Java/C# and I refused to use them sticking to horrific Perl-like hash of a hash of a hash data structures. On the one hand if you are sort of programming-ADD-like-me, I definitely see the advantage of developing a set of crisp clean, language agnostic design patters. Who cares if your code isn't completely Pythonic or if you aren't exploiting all the Ruby functional programming fu, your code will be accessible to the largest possible audience.

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